~takkan tu pon tak tau..haihhh..~

kemarin saya bukak email..(official emel..kmk..)
ada sesuatu yang macam best je..
tajuknya pekeliling pakaian kerja..lebih kurang macam tu la.
esoknya...ada seorang hamba Allah ni respon emel tersebut..
bgtau kenapa admin emelkan etika pakaian kepada semua orang?


Salam to all,
There must be a reason why Ms. Rozi emailed us the 'pekeliling pakaian kerja' a few days ago.This morning, a fellow lecturer and I (AND I'M VERY SURE OTHER LECTURERS AND STUDENTS AS WELL) ran into a new lecturer on our way back from class. We were extremely dumbfounded when we observed the new lecturer wearing a grey shirt (though it looks more like a t-shirt), a printed black and white skirt and (read this!) CROCS SHOES (!!!) to class. We kept asking each other, "can they wear such clothing during office hours AND in class, for that matter?"If the said lecturer has to wear such shoes due to medical reasons, I believe the person can wear Dr. Scholl's shoes. They cost the same as CROCS shoes and are recommended by physicians as they can massage your feet while you walk.It might be comfortable for the said lecturer to wear such clothing but please bear in mind that we're here not only to teach and guide the students but we're also here as role models (albeit a short period of time of one year). Besides, it's not wise to be a trend-setter for such clothings during working time. It's plausible if it's AFTER office hours.I'm not trying to go ga-ga over this issue but let's leave our casual attire at home. We're not the students here. Let's not let the students look down on us. The 'pekeliling pakaian kerja' is very clear and VERY easy to follow if you're not a deviant person. Please rectify the situation.Thank you,********************

ya ampunnn..
kenapa la benda macam tu pon nak kene bagitau.
saye sendiri TERselisih dengan "mereka-mereka" yang dimaksudkan itu..
awak kan gov servant..
ala..koman2 pon takkan kat U tak belajar etika pakaian seorang pendidik?
geram sebab rase macam mende ni sangatla basic..
takkan tu pon tak tau...

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