Dr Adlina wanna be..

Ni gamba yang di snap pas kakak makan scotts emulsion..cam biase die akan praktikkan ape yang ayah @ umi buat kat die..mangsa keadaan adalah si bear..beria2 die nak suap bear tu jugak..kakak dah setahun lima bulan..kalau umi tanye:

Umi : ni kakak ke ina..?
Kakak : Naaa...
Umi: kakak laaaa
Kakak : (geleng2 kepala)..huuu..xmo jadi kakak lagi ..kecik lagi..hahaha

Mase buat entry ni..mcm dah mule kontraksi..sekejap je..dah yang kedua kali ni..dalam mase 2 jam..mungkinkah hari ni adik nak kuar??harap2laaa...

Your 17-month-old's development
Approved by the BabyCentre Medical Advisory Board

At 17 months, most toddlers have mastered a handful of words, and some might even be combining words. Your toddler might also be able to take off her dress by herself or pretend to feed her doll. Some children this age are learning to brush their teeth with help.
Your toddler will begin to recognise how toys and other objects are similar and how they are different. As she plays, you'll find that she likes to sort them into piles by colour, shape, and type.

Modelling manners
If "no" hasn't already become her favourite word, your child will begin using it with a vengeance about now. It's probably a good time to work on manners. Demonstrate the type of consideration you want your toddler to develop. Say please if you want her to do things, and thank her when she does. It is a good idea to try to convey the basic principle of the importance of showing respect. "Please" and "thank you" are not meant to be parrot fashion responses; they should show concern and involvement.

Getting fussy about food
Toddlers are famously picky eaters, so don't waste your time preparing complicated meals only to have your efforts rejected. Keep cooking simple; most meals can be made into bite-sized toddler delights. Don't get bogged down trying to balance foods at every meal or even every day -- focus on a good mix for the week. If you offer her a variety of healthy options, it's highly likely she will be getting all the nutrients she needs.

Switching from two daytime sleeps to one
By the time your toddler is one and a half, she'll be moving towards just one sleep a day. Some toddlers go through a difficult period where one is not enough but two are one too many, so you might have to muddle through until she settles. If she's having trouble sleeping in the day, try cuddling up with her and making it extra cosy.

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