Lelaki pukul isteri dalam lif..


semalam telah menonton video suami lelaki pukul isteri dalam lif..
sakitnya hati ya Allah..
paling kesian bila tengok si anak macam cuba nak menghalang perbuatan lelaki itu..
lelaki okeh..tak layak dipanggil suami mahupon ayah..

tak tau ape kesilapan si isteri..tapi perbuatan lelaki dayus itu memangla dapat kutukan, sumpahan dan maki hamun sesiapa saja yang menonton video itu..
bayangkan kesan kepada si anak..trauma..
walaupun ape pon silap si isteri..islam ada kaedah untuk menegur dan memperbetul si isteri..
bukan suka-suka boleh terus pukul sepak terajang sebegitu..

itu yang kita nampak kan..
yang didera di rumah entah macam manala agaknya..
itu yang dapat dirakam cctv..
bayangkan kes-kes keganasan rumah tangga yang kita hanya tau cerita..tapi tak tau trauma sebenar yang dialami mangsa..

seeloknya hantar je lelaki tu p syria..biar dia bantai puak syiah kat sana.
ada faedah..

ni copypaste dari yahoo..

Footage of man abusing wife in lift goes viral

This man chose to bash his wife up in a closed lift thinking nobody would see it.

Unfortunately for him, the despicable act was caught on a closed-circuit television (CCTV) installed inside a lift in a private hospital in Bukit Mertajam, Penang.

The shocking 2:20 minute footage uploaded by Facebook user Nur Hisyam Hashim on Tuesday has been spreading like wildfire  - with 4,306 shares - in 21 hours.

The clip begins with a man waiting to get off the lift. The couple and two children enter the lift almost a minute after the man exits.

As the lift closes, the husband is seen trying to get the woman's attention. When that failed, he began punching the woman while their children -aged four and five - looked on in horror.

She is then forced into a corner where she is punched repeatedly in the face. As the lift door opens seconds later, he kicks the cowering woman out of the lift as one of their children run after her.

He then kicks her again outside the lift and drags the child inside before closing the doors.
Nur Hisyam on his Facebook page described the woman and the 'elder sister of a friend' and the man, as her husband. He claimed the clip was meant to be used as evidence of abuse for the police but claimed they did not accept a police report because the assault did not cause permanent injuries.

We tried to get in touch with Nur Hisyam to verify his claims but there've been no replies yet.

 Meanwhile, police identified the abuser as a 36-year-old civil servant from Jerantut, Pahang who has gone missing since yesterday.
Penang CID chief Mazlan Kesah denied rejecting a complaint from the victim.

"We treat cases like this very seriously and we have already issued an interim protection order (IPO) for the victim," he told Bernama.

The couple had just visited their eldest child in hospital when the incident took place. Mazlan said the fight was a result of domestic problems.

He added that the woman sustained injuries to her wrist, head and face and is now being treated.

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